Ombra Group Inc.

Expanding Through
Innovation and Acquisition

Ombra Group Inc. is at the forefront of technological
advancement in gas detection solutions.

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Ombra Group Inc. is at the forefront of technological advancement in gas detection solutions. With a focus on innovation and strategic acquisition, Ombra Group is poised to disrupt the market and address the growing demands of various industries. Their commitment to developing high-sensitivity trace gas analyzers and a robust new product pipeline positions them as a key player in the field.

By leveraging the acquisition of IUT Technologies, Ombra Group is expanding its capabilities and expertise, particularly in the areas of narcotics detection, THC breathalyzers, and clinical THC research. These developments are not only technologically significant but also socially impactful, addressing critical needs in public health and safety.

Ombra Group Inc.

Key Products and Innovations

Trace Gas Analyzers

High-sensitivity detection using IMS and PID technology, ideal for air quality monitoring and environmental applications.

Narcotics Detection

Identifying illegal drugs and production facilities by their unique gas signatures, aiding law enforcement efforts.

THC Breathalyzer

Improving road safety by detecting cannabis impairment with a non-invasive device, addressing a growing public concern.

Clinical THC Research

Conducting the first-ever clinical trial to determine precise levels of THC impairment for legislative and educational purposes.

Target Markets

Air Quality Monitoring

Existing market with growth driven by environmental regulations and public health awareness.

Law Enforcement

Significant demand for improved narcotics detection and tracking to combat drug trafficking and protect communities.

Road Safety

Growing need for reliable methods to detect cannabis impairment, preventing DUI accidents.

Public Health Research

Challenge of accurately assessing THC impairment for effective legislation and education.

Market Sizes

Air Quality

Projected global market size by 2027, driven by regulations and urban air pollution concerns.

Law Enforcement

Expected US market size by 2026, with narcotics detection as a key segment.

Road Safety

Anticipated global market growth by 2027, with a focus on technology-based solutions.

Public Health

Global funding for drug abuse research in 2020, highlighting the importance of THC impairment understanding.

Ombra Group Inc.

Strategic Positioning

Ombra Group's strategic positioning is a testament to its forward-thinking approach. The acquisition of IUT Technologies not only expands its technological capabilities but also opens doors to new market opportunities. With a keen eye on the evolving needs of air quality monitoring, law enforcement, road safety, and public health research, Ombra is set to make significant strides in the industry.

The company's diversified product pipeline, which includes cutting-edge solutions like narcotics detection and THC breathalyzers, is designed to meet the demands of a wide range of target markets. Ombra's commitment to innovation is evident in its pursuit of the first-ever clinical trial for THC impairment, positioning it as a pioneer in the field.

Product Pipeline Expansion

Narcotics Detection

Expanding into the law enforcement sector with innovative solutions for detecting illegal drugs and production facilities.

THC Breathalyzer

Developing a THC breathalyzer to address the growing need for road safety and non- invasive impairment detection.


Clinical Research

Advancing public health research with clinical trials aimed at understanding THC impairment accurately.

Ombra Group Inc.

Commitment to Innovation

Technology Advancement

Ombra's dedication to advancing gas detection technology is at the heart of its innovation strategy.

Scientific Research

Investing in scientific research ensures that Ombra remains at the cutting edge of the industry.

Product Excellence

Striving for product excellence, Ombra continuously improves its offerings to meet market demands.

Market Disruption

With a focus on disruptive innovation, Ombra aims to redefine standards in gas detection solutions.

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